Yes, we know the photos are out of date.
New photos coming soon!
This is the location of the new RC track.  It is in Avon Town Hall Park behind Town Hall in Avon, Indiana.
We had a good kick off meeting of the Hoosier RC Racers.  This is a planning sketch that we did to get an idea of space and relationships to the parts of the site that were already there.
This is what we enjoy! Photo courtesy of Tallahasee Parks.
The Town Hall Park shelter building is nearby and offers modern restrooms, drinking water and shade.
Two short course trucks looking forward to running on the track.
The sport of R/C racing can be just as fun as full scale racing.  Its smaller, but just as exciting!  Photo courtesy of Tallahasee Parks.
One of our favorite photos from the Spring Fling RC Festival put on by  Think this is a future racer?
Photo of the temporary track that we built for the Spring Fling RC Festival in 2015.  This track was approximately 60' x 100' in size.  The photo gave us an idea of what a future dirt track space would look like.
Plenty of places to go rock crawling in the park.  We hope to build a special crawling track near the off-road track in the future.  Photo courtesy of Emma Black Photography.
Photo courtesy of Emma Black Photography.
Photo courtesy of Emma Black Photography.
Photo courtesy of Emma Black Photography.
The temporary track built by our group for the 2015 Spring Fling RC Festival.  It was a success and started the interest in a permanent track.
Thanks to the guys from Hobby RC who came with trucks from the east side of Indianapolis for the public to run.  We couldn't have done it without them!  

Photo courtesy of Emma Black Photography.
Photo courtesy of Emma Black Photography.
Photo courtesy of Emma Black Photography.
Photo courtesy of Emma Black Photography.
Photo courtesy of Emma Black Photography.
Photo courtesy of Emma Black Photography.
Photo courtesy of Emma Black Photography.
Photo courtesy of Emma Black Photography.
Scott went in front of the Avon Town Council on March 2015 to do a presentation on the idea of building a permanent RC track.  The result was unanimous approval by the Town Council!
The Avon Town Council was interested to learn about the idea of a parks-owned, but club run facility for the community to use.
Dirt!  This was the first of the loads that started to come to the park for the new RC Track!  Thanks to Weber Concrete for getting us this beautiful stuff!
Good clay soil.  This came from down deep via local basement excavation on new homes.  Dirt was obtained and spread evenly to start.
Now you are starting to get an idea of how nice and big this track is going to be!
Track layout day.  October 3rd, 2015.  "One small spot for man, one giant leap for Hoosier RC Racers!"  This was our benchmark for other measurements.  The track layout was done by Scott, Chris, Josh and Matt.
Chris plants a flag for RC Racers everywhere!  Matt looking on.
The flags are our corner benchmarks.  We didn't want to lose those even if we lost the painted lines due to rain.
Chris and Josh were measuring lanes.  Average width is about 12' -0".
Scott shot a selfie.  It was a cold raw day for October...felt more like November.  But man, what an exciting day!
Matt and Chris working hard on the track.  InterDesign Architects in Indianapolis did all the site design pro bono for the club and the Town of Avon.
This is a DRAFT site plan created by InterDesign Architects.  They are helping us with design space requirements, parking needs etc.  We appreciate their assistance.  

Note:  Track layout shown is only representative for size.  The actual track layout built was a little different due to site tweeks
Starting to look like a real race track!
Scott's Associated SC10.  His first time on the track!
We are getting there...  A real R/C short course truck sitting on a real race track!  Dreams do come true!
Chris, Matt, Josh and Gary compacting jumps.  Gary (on tractor)  put in many hours on the track build.
Hard work, but perfect weather.
Gary, Paul and Owen working on the track. All of them are Avon residents who can't wait for it to open!
We were pleased to meet James (left) and Nick brought out his sons to help too. Avid racers already.
Chris and Gary compacting and cleaning the double "Lumpy Jump" as it is known. Then there's that annoying guy running a truck instead of helping.  :)
Ashton from the Hendricks County Flyer was out to do an article on the new track & club. We gave her a controller to try driving. She looks like she liked it!
Chris watering the track. We could use some rain to lock things in place.
After we were done clearing the track, we did a little testing just to make sure our wheels would roll on it!
A little reward time for hard work. These guys are standing up on the banked turn.  On top, there will eventually be a picnic area.
As you can see by this photo taken October 17, 2015, we have a track!  The next step were to build a Driver's Stand.
Scott meets with Karen, the amazing landscape architect from InterDesign in Indianapolis who did the site design.  She did the site layout design and also future landscaping plans.  Chris and his son look on.
This is the track as of November 15, 2015.  We got the lane and perimeter piping in place with landscape spikes and a lot of measuring.  It looks good!  Can't wait to run on it!  Thanks for the great photo Mike!
Hoosier RC Racers is an Indiana Nonprofit.  When we received our first mail to the non-profit corporation.  That seemed like a big deal.  This corporation will help us with future sponsorships, grants, liability protection and other things beneficial to the club.
We very much appreciate the help of InterDesign Architects.  Their landscape architect, Karen Bird, put together this beautiful track layout so that we would have it to show officials and residents and users of the track.  Thanks Karen!
Setting up for our first meeting.  We reserved the council chamber at Avon Town Hall.  Great spot for the presentation we did on the history of how this all came together, the plans for the track and the plans for the club in the future!  January 20, 2016.
Our first official club meeting was held at Avon Town Hall on January 20, 2016.  Members brought all sorts of cool stuff to look at!  Mike and his Dad brought some nice equipment to show!
We had a decent turnout for a cccold January night with snow.  Even after the meeting started we had more show up.  It was a good first night for the Hoosier RC Racers!
At our first club meeting.  Josh brought his 1/8th scale beasts.  Great looking!
Our very first club meeting on January 20, 2016 at Avon Town Hall.  We used the council chamber and did a presentation and also got to know each other.  Good turnout for a cold, snowy January night!
James brought this great looking SCT.
More of James' vehicles ready to hit the track this spring!
Scott brought a B4.1 buggy to show.  The track is open to all vehicle types as long as they are electric.
Matt and Scott brought several to show including SCT's and a stadium truck.  This was at our first meeting on January 20, 2016.
Come on Spring!  This picture taken on January 20, 2016.  Track is ready but still needed is a driver's stand and some other improvements.
Spring 2016!  Driver's stand construction begins.
Another view of the track with the walkway being installed from the parking lot.
This photo was taken on March 20th, 2016.  You can get an idea of the size of this awesome track and the quality of all the amenities!
The Driver's Stand is a really nicely built structure.  It will have a roof, plenty of room for racers and eventually electrical and a handicap accessibility ramp.
A view of the track and stand from the high hill picnic area.  The temporary blue tarp was there to control erosion during the winter.
Nice new picnic tables for spectators and racers.  Please, don't get dirt/mud on them!  Bring a pit pad to protect the surface and keep it clean for others.
Remember, we are all volunteers.  And, this is supposed to be fun!  So, check your ego at the door and help keep our fun cussing free and family friendly.
The track sure does like 1/10th scale buggies!  This Team Associated B4.1 did well.  It has a 13.5 brushless motor in it.
The RC Barn was placed at the track by Avon Parks. They told us it is ours to use as we wish for storage and events.  What a nice gift!
Why did so many people spend their time to get this track to reality?  This is why...
We had a brand new Traxxas Slash generously donated to the club by a local racer.  Kindness like this is what will make our hobby grow! Thank you!
Great overall view of the new Avon RC Track taken during the 2016 Spring Fling RC Festival.  Tasker photo.
The driver's stand was full of laughing and happy racers during the 2016 Spring Fling RC Festival in May.  Tasker photo.
The track is designed for 1/10th scale vehicles and its intended to be a beginner/sportsman track.  Not too technical.  Short course trucks and buggies are at home on it for sure.  Tasker photo.
Driver's stand is massive and well built.  Look at the landscaping!  Nice huh?
Big thanks to Andretti Autosport and Michael T. who works for them.  They brought out one of Marco Andretti's Indy car's for the Spring Fling RC Festival.  Talk about eye candy!
Some great sponsors for the Spring Fling RC Festival.  Team Associated sent lots of goodies to give away to our volunteers for raffle prices.  Thanks AE!
The new Avon RC Track was one busy place during the Spring Fling RC Festival.  Dreams do come true!
We had a great event with HHGregg and Andretti Racing in May 2016.  They contacted our club to see if we could help put on their "Race an Andretti" event.
The Hoosier RC Racers built a temporary parking lot track.  Thank you Hobbytown USA for loaning us the track system!
Joining us that day were Carlos Munoz, Marco Andretti and Ryan Hunter-Reay!  Fun day for all of us.
Carlos Munoz, Ryan Hunter-Reay and Marco Andretti preparing to run Vintage Trans Am cars for a warm up.  We supplied the cars and hoped they wouldn't get damaged too badly.  Ryan Hunter-Reay was the better RC driver that day.
The fun thing was to watch these famous race car drivers having just as much fun with RC as we do.  They became honorary Hoosier RC Racers that day!
At the "Race and Andretti" event, we ran heats with 4-5 Traxxas Slash trucks (durable!).  People signed up to race against their favorite driver.  Yes, the drivers usually won.
It was a lot of fun at the "Race an Andretti" event.  We hope to do it again next year!
Indy Meteorologist Paul Poteet also came to race!  He took on Ryan Hunter-Reay and was laugning and having a good time.  Yes, Ryan won.  Thanks for the weather Paul!  It was a perfect day.
Yes, we had some crowds at the "Race an Andretti" event at HHGregg!
Thanks again to HHGregg for letting us help with this great event!  Hope you do it again next year.  Thank you too for the generous donation to our club!  We will put it to good use.
We had a great time at our 1st race at Avon Town Hall Park.  Fun day and a good turnout even though we didn't promote the race.
Driver's Meeting.
Scott explaining how we would run a race without an electronic timing system.  We did the same method the RC boat racers used.  Worked great!
Trucks on the track!
Drivers ready to race!
What a great turnout on stock Slash!
Love this RWB truck...awesome paint!
Associated SC10 in the air!  

Wileykyotee photo.
Racing truck!

Wileykyotee photo.
The Stadium Truck class was really well represented.  7 that day.  

Wileykyotee photo.
Nice Stampede gettin' it on the corner!

Wileykyotee photo.
Some great track action.  

Wileykyotee photo.
We had some great racing!

Wileykyotee photo.
A couple of trucks trying to grab the same section of track!  

Wileykyotee photo.
Wileykyotee photo.
2WD SCT was a popular class too!

Wileykyotee  photo.
We signed up drivers and were ready to race quickly.  Unfortunately, rain ended our day after 2 rounds.  

Wileykyotee photo.
We took some of these great photos to make our flyer for future races in 2016.
Our new on-road side will be coming soon with fun racing at different locations!  Come join us, if you are an off-road person, you can convert your stock Slash to on-road quickly!
The Hoosier RC Racers club was invited for an exclusive tour of John Force Racing last winter.  We saw some amazing things!
Our tour was led by Steve Woodall, a racing VIP himself.  We learned so much!
They make a lot of their own parts at John Force Racing.  Millions of dollars in CNC equipment and operators.  They also sell to other drag racing teams.
Steve Woodall showing us another part of the shop.  It was mind boggling.
There's a few dollars sitting there on the table!
Yes, those are extra bodies!  They are now running Chevy Camaro bodies, so the Mustangs are not usable.  All carbon fiber too!
Some very famous John Force cars on display!
Love the Jeff Gordon theme!
Hoosier RC Racers exclusive tour of John Force Racing.  John keeps his things in the JFR Museum.  What a walk in the past!
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